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With working from home becoming the new “norm”, meaningful social interaction between colleagues and teams has become increasingly difficult.

Now more than ever it is vital to keep that interaction happening, so we have devised a number of Virtual Team Activities that provide valid and fun entertainment for your team, whilst simultaneously helping to:-

  • Motivate and inspire your staff
  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Continue personal development
  • Develop team dynamics
  • Help adapting to change
  • Integrate new team members

For more information on our Virtual Team Events, Virtual Meetings and Virtual Conference Services contact us on 01765 658049 or email info@what-an-event.co.uk

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“00” Licence Training

A Virtual Training Course To Die For…

Prove you’re the Best Of The Best and earn the coveted ”00” Certification, Licence to Kill

Train with M, Q & J2O amongst others, and learn how to:

  • Speak a Foreign Language
  • Learn about your gadgets with “Q”
  • Decipher Clues
  • Play Casino Tables
  • Interrogate
  • Make the perfect Vodka Martini
  • Undertake Covert Surveillance


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A Pile of Problems

Team Development Event

A “Pile of Problems” is a whole group exercise, but which also requires the effort and initiative of individuals and smaller teams within that group to contribute to the end result, and ultimately success.

The Challenge will demonstrate the importance of key team dynamics, such as :

  • Communication
  • Understanding the Overall Objective
  • Planning a Strategy
  • Selecting and Allocating Human Resources
  • Accepting Responsibility for Decisions
  • Owning Problems
  • Cooperating to Achieve

Group Size 10 to 20

Duration 60 to 90 minutes

Dedicated Online Event Manager & Facilitator

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Virtual Team Quiz

Our Virtual Team Quiz is designed to replace the after work social, and encourage teams or individuals to let their hair down and have a bit of a laugh.  But seriously competitive all the same, of course!

Key Benefits:-

  • Social Interaction
  • Boosting Morale
  • Combatting Loneliness
  • Building and Strengthening Relationships

Duration 60 minutes

Hosted by an Event Manager, you’ll be up against your colleagues to see who can score the highest points.

There are different question formats; multiple choice, true or false, gradual reveals, and varying time limits.  More points are awarded for the fastest correct answers.

Choose from one of our standard quizzes, or we can create a completely or partially bespoke quiz, relative to your company, your team, or to reinforce a company message.

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