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Christmas 2021 Movie Venues:

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Ripley Castle

Scroll down for FAQ’s & COVID19 Information

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Will it be a safe environment?

We will be following Government Guidelines on Social Distancing to ensure a safe environment.  There will be at least 2m gaps between cars so if you do need to get out of your cars you will be a safe distance from other people. 

Will there be toilets?

There will be single unit portaloos which will be attended by our staff and disinfected at regular intervals.  There will be a hand gel dispenser at each toilet which must be used before and after using the toilet.

Do you have accessible toilets?

There will be accessible portaloo toilets.

Do you allow larger vehicles?

We will allow SUV’s and MPV’s up to 7 people.  Minibuses are not allowed.  If your vehicle is likely to cause viewing difficulties then you may be placed further back or to the side of the site to ensure a good viewing experience for everyone.  Due to the large screen size, viewing is good from all parts of the site.

Will we be able to see?

The screen will be raised and rows of cars will be staggered, so viewing should be great for everyone.

Are dogs allowed?

We are sorry but dogs and pets will not be allowed on site.

How do I listen to the film from my car?

The sound will be transmitted via an FM radio frequency straight to your car’s radio.  You will be given this frequency on arrival.  If your vehicle is not equipped with an FM radio, please bring a portable one. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND BRINGING A BACK UP RADIO WITH YOU. You may want to ensure you know how to connect to a specific FM frequency before leaving for the event.  Most modern car radios have an FM option, which you will need to use as the signal is not transmitted on DAB. If you are bringing a DAB Radio please ensure it has an FM option. Phone apps won’t work because they introduce a delay causing the sound to be off sync with the image.  Please check your radio is working before arriving at your screening.

What happens if I arrive late?

Late arrivals will be parked at the back of the audience to avoid disruption to other guests.

Can we still see the film in the daylight?

Yes.  We use the latest LED screen technology designed for daylight viewing, even in direct sunlight.  Please note however that the darker parts of some films may be exaggerated.  We try and choose films that are more suitable for daytime screening, and position the screen taking into account the direction of sunlight etc.

Can I park next to my friends?

Yes but we can only facilitate this if you turn up the same time, and please let the ticket scanners know which cars are in your party so this can be radioed through to the parking team.  Please note that we will still have to park you in accordance with social distancing measures.

How do we order food and drinks?

This will be done online and can be done once you are parked and have received your parking space row & number, so our waiting staff can find you.  You will have a menu placed on your windscreen with ordering instructions when you are having your ticket scanned. 

Covid-19 Control Measures & Site Rules

You MUST NOT attend if you or anyone you have been in contact with in the last 14 days, show signs of, or have symptoms of Coronavirus.  You must follow current rules on households mixing.

Social distancing measures in line with current government guidelines will be in place and strictly enforced at the event at all times.

All attendees must remain with their vehicles unless accessing the toilet facilities or if instructed to leave their vehicle by a steward in the event of an emergency.

All vehicles will have a safe distance of at least 2 metres between them; you must park as directed by the event stewards and inside the ground markings. The space between vehicles allows for safe distancing and if you need to exit the vehicle to use the toilet or collect a food order from your car bonnet.   Social distancing measures must be followed when heading to the toilet facilities.

All event staff will maintain social distancing measures and all staff will use appropriate PPE for the task/s they are completing.

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