Corporate events can be messy affairs to plan out, and when done wrong they can be expensive and fail completely. Here are a few reasons why a corporate event planner taking over the role could be better for your event.

Everything stays according to you

Rule one of event planning is to make sure the client gets the event they want. If you have any worries about an event planner changing your vision, it’s good to keep in mind that they work for you.

Better at handling emergencies

If you’re trying to run the event whilst attending it too, then any emergencies are likely to easily spiral out of your control. You might be too distracted by being part of the event to respond, so problems will go unresolved and ruin your event.

You can enjoy the day

Once you’ve picked an event planner in the UK, you can actually take the time to enjoy your evening. Rather than worrying about the food, lighting, or any emergencies, you can relax in the knowledge that it’s all covered.

Staying within a budget

As a part of your early specifications for an event planner, you’ll be asked what your budget is. Once you’ve provided this, your event planner will rigorously stick to it, and keep a record of spending too.

More bang for your buck

If you were to try and organise an event yourself, you’d be going to suppliers with limited information on what to get, and what prices to expect. Event planners in the UK are always shopping around at the same suppliers, so know how to get the best value for your budget.

Picking the right services

Your event is likely to have different needs to others, based on the sort of event it is. Whether it’s a DJ, a cameraman, or transport that you need sorting, an events company will organise it.


An event planner will be in touch with the best event photographers. This will be vital when it comes to organising future events, and marketing your business in the future.

Deciding on a venue

There are a lot of questions you might have, such as is the venue weather appropriate, or will it seat enough people. Event planners will already know a lot about the best venues for certain events in your location, and whether or not they suit your needs.

Organising caterers

Catering is one aspect of an event that often goes under-planned, yet is one of the more memorable aspects of the event. A good event planner will make sure that caterers are not only high quality, but also suit the tone and theme of the event.

A smoother event

By liaising with the on-site staff, an event planner will have a thorough idea of how to make your event run smoothly, and avoid any incidents that might pop up before they become an issue.