When it comes to organising memorable business events, creativity is key. But what will make your team building events or corporate away days stand out from the crowd? Read on for our creative business and team building ideas.


1. Problem-solving Games

Problem-solving events like Crystal Mazes or Escape Rooms, have become an increasingly popular business event idea in recent years, and for good reason.

These games combine several elements that nurture creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving. The event is usually designed as an interactive game that challenges participants to solve a series of physical, mental, and skill-based puzzles. 

The puzzles are set up in different themed zones, each with a different challenge to overcome. These types of team building events require participants to think creatively, work together, and communicate effectively to succeed.


2. Network Treasure Hunt

Networking can be a daunting experience, especially for introverts. But you can make it more fun and engaging by turning it into a treasure hunt. This is a great activity for new teams or as a way to meet prosepective clients and collaborators.

Create a list of items or tasks for attendees to complete, such as “find someone who has travelled to more than five countries” or “take a selfie with a business owner wearing a red tie”. 

This can encourage attendees to break out of their comfort zones and start conversations with people they might not have otherwise approached. 


3. Bushcraft

For an active team away day in the great outdoors, why not try bushcraft? This engaging activity that encourages staff members to work together to learn new skills in a natural environment. It promotes problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills as participants learn to build shelter, start fires, forage for food, and navigate the wilderness.

Bushcraft also allows team members to unwind and disconnect from the stresses of daily life, providing a fun and memorable bonding experience that can strengthen relationships and improve morale.

4. A Team Festival

By creating an immersive festival-like atmosphere, teams can let their hair down, engage in fun activities, and connect with colleagues in a way that is not possible in their usual office setting. While not a traditional business event, a team festival can strengthen team relationships and dynamics. 

It could be a one-day event or a weekend retreat, and can be customised to fit the needs and goals of the specific organisation. It can include a range of activities such as workshops, group discussions, and fun activities such as games, music, and outdoor adventures.


5. “Wacky Races” Event

This type of team-building event involves creating groups that must work together to design and build a unique vehicle or craft. The preparation side of the task requires participants to get creative and use logic to construct. During the race itself, they’ll need to rely on each other to navigate obstacles and complete challenges, which promotes dynamic communication.

The competitive aspect of the event also motivates participants to work together and strive for success — something they can embrace in their usual working hours. Meanwhile, the wacky and fun nature of the race allows staff to let loose and bond over a shared experience.


Creative business events with What An Event

Business events don’t have to be boring. Team-building events and away days can be both fun and valuable. In many cases, employees will have such a great time they won’t even realise they’re learning and developing skills!

Whether you fancy the above team building ideas or have something else in mind, What An Event can help you organise a successful and fulfilling activity.

As one of the top event management companies and conference organisers in the UK, we have the skills and experience to strike the perfect balance of entertainment and worthwhile business skill development. We can support you every step of the way — from arranging the venue and organising catering to insurance. 

Want to learn more? Get in touch to discuss your creative business event ideas.