Team building has been around for years. Unfortunately, mention the T word around your employees, and the chances are they’ll roll their eyes and make an excuse to leave. You need a team-building organiser who can come up with fantastic ideas for team events that are engaging, original and fun. After all, team building is still one of the best ways to boost productivity and creativity and help your teams deliver results more effectively.

These five great company team building ideas should help persuade your workforce that this is still the best way to laugh, learn and connect!

Go wild with adventure activities

Going wild with outdoor activities will soon get you out of your comfort zone! Getting out from behind your desk is a great way to increase social connections. And getting stuck into informal and challenging activities forms bonds that reduce stress, boost engagement and make your team happier.

Try a team away day learning Bushcraft skills to test the group’s ability to work together and survive. Or a day of adventure sports, including paddle boarding and canoeing, is excellent for physical and mental health. Not to mention a good dose of problem-solving and healthy competition that stimulates focus and creativity.

Try a treasure hunt

From geocaching to traditional clue solving, treasure hunts are an excellent way to build team spirit. If you want to encourage innovative and creative solutions, there’s no better way to do it. Our treasure hunts are totally customisable, and they’re a great way to improve effective teamwork while everyone has a great time.

Getting your teams to work together to solve clues has plenty of business-focused outcomes. You’ll promote verbal and non-verbal communication, leadership and social connections through problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Opt for an obstacle course

An obstacle course challenge will leave your team feeling empowered, confident and resilient. You can motivate your employees to quite literally overcome obstacles like sweeper arms and bungee runs using a combination of physical and mental skills.

Obstacle courses are tough physical challenges that make the most of strength, agility, and brain power. Try making things trickier with blindfolds or get the heart pumping with timed challenges.

Year-round challenges with indoor activities

You don’t always have to head outdoors to create thought-provoking and exciting activities. That’s because indoor team-building activities are a brilliant way to boost morale and energise your employees. 

Providing challenging and constructive tasks like building a weight-bearing bridge from paper or a locked room escape can help you assess the skills and strengths of your team without having to brave the elements. You can also tailor your indoor activities towards a specific learning outcome like leadership or communication skills.

Reward your teams in style

Our evening team building events have a real sense of occasion. It’s a chance for your employees to get dressed up and unwind with interactive quizzes, wine tastings or even a casino night.

These events take a more light-hearted approach to team building, letting your employees get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere. And rewarding your team for all their hard work with a fun activity helps your employees feel appreciated. In turn, that builds engagement and keeps them onside with your business goals and vision.

Great team building ideas with What An Event

Team building events don’t have to be embarrassing. And with great indoor and outdoor activities from What An Event, you’ll soon see the results of increased productivity and boosted morale for your business. To find out more about designing fun and challenging events with our team-building organiser, contact us today.