The physical and mental wellbeing of your team is essential for success. Motivated employees are more productive, so improving staff wellbeing means you retain your best talent and keep your edge over the competition. Team building events, corporate party planning and company away days are just some of the events that create happy employees.

So how can corporate events help to improve wellbeing? And what should you look for in team building days out?

Team building is more important than ever

Bringing your employees together is a great way to socialise, reduce stress and build that all-important positive work environment. And creating that sense of connection benefits your business as teams become more creative and productive.

The last few years have left many employees feeling lonely, isolated and disengaged. However, face-to-face team activities are proven to build trust while reducing stress and anxiety.

Plus, engaging in physical activity releases happy hormones that help to combat desk fatigue. Prolonged periods of sitting have a negative effect on productivity and are bad for physical and mental health. Getting your employees moving and talking together in nature is a concrete strategy for improved wellbeing that your employees will love.

What to look for in corporate events?

Corporate events are a great way to improve mental resilience, enhance work-life balance and reward your teams. The benefits for your business are undeniable because work and wellbeing are linked when it comes to increasing self-esteem and productivity.

Here’s what you should look for in your next team away day:

Face-to-face interaction

Virtual events will always have a place when you need to connect employees fast, but we all crave face-to-face activities for our wellbeing. Look for events that foreground interaction, problem-solving and trust — like our country pursuits event. Sharing new experiences like archery and falconry goes a long way to creating a positive company culture. So you’ll experience the benefits of creating shared memories long after the event is over.

Putting wellbeing into practice

You’ll promote a healthy and positive work culture by providing a break from everyday routines. And working with an events company in the UK can do much more to embed wellbeing practices in your events that help your team relax and re-energise.

Why not get your employees moving and meeting with the right mix of evening entertainment and a fun theme? Socialising has a raft of incredible benefits, including enforcing positive behaviours and releasing dopamine which increases happiness.

Empower your teams

Team events can unlock your employees’ sense of wellness and empower them to achieve great things. Empowering your staff can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress by encouraging cooperation and teamwork. Overcoming challenges and sharing success create the perfect context for celebrating your team’s achievements. And that’s a win for your company as well as your staff.

Try a full day of varied activities, including team sports, competitions and dinner, that give your team time to communicate, build trust, succeed and bond socially.

The best events for wellbeing

A little goes a long way when organising events to improve health, wellness and wellbeing. Just a half day packed with thought-provoking, enjoyable, and social activities can benefit your staff and business enormously. And wellbeing doesn’t have to be about pampering and pilates. Did you know that being in nature reduces feelings of stress, anger and loneliness and improves mental and physical wellbeing?

At What An Event, we’re one of the top event management companies in the UK. So whether you’re planning corporate activity days or creating luxury incentives for your staff, we can help you organise events that improve your staff’s wellbeing. Contact the What An Event team today