Organising a conference? You’ve got a lot to look forward to but also plenty to think about. Why simply go through the motions and host a tedious event when you could create something memorable and engaging? As the UK’s top conference organisers, we’ve got some top tips that will ensure your event makes a real impression.


Establish its purpose

Putting on an event purely for the sake of it is the quickest way to lose engagement from your attendees. Even if you don’t have the sharpest idea in mind, you’ll need to refine this in the early stages, as a lot of other elements will fall into place afterwards. Do you want to motivate staff? Facilitate team building? Or discuss new trends? Once you’ve decided, it’ll be easier to devise a strategy and book relevant speakers.


Assemble the best team

When organising any event, there are seemingly endless boxes to tick – and conferences are no exception. To ensure every part of the planning happens smoothly and successfully, you’ll want a team with experience in the area they’re delegated. For example, you’ll need people dedicated to planning, who’ll book the venue, accommodation and catering; administration, including budgeting and ticket sales; and marketing, for the promotional materials and platforms.

Or you can hire an event company that does it all for you! As your dedicated conference organiser, What an Event guarantees your conference is one for the history books, with zero stress.


Choose the right venue

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all conference venue. To choose the ideal venue, you’ll first need an idea of conference size and budget, amongst other factors. Some options you could look at include university campuses, which tend to be the cheapest but also relatively small, or hotels, which often have state-of-the-art conference facilities and the added bonus of nearby accommodation, but can be pricier. There are also plenty of independent venues which are dedicated to conference hosting. 

Whichever you choose, check the proximity of transport and accommodation, as well as any catering options and availability of resources like WiFi and audio-visual equipment. What an Event is ready to assist with this. In fact, we’ll find your venue as part of the package.


Create a captivating stage design

Effective stage design will ensure your conference is perfectly on brand, and it ties back into your demonstrating the purpose of your event. Most importantly, it catches and retains your audience’s attention, enhancing their enjoyment of your event.

To achieve this, create an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop that lends itself to any audio-visual effects, consider relevant props and drapery, and use lighting to your advantage.


Make it interactive 

Again, engaging your audience is the main way to take your conference from zero to hero. Games, challenges and quizzes will keep attendees switched on and involved. It’ll also get them talking with whoever they’re sat near, which boosts networking and team-building opportunities.


Support from What An Event

If you’re looking for an experienced and renowned event company to help get your conference off the ground, don’t hesitate to contact What An Event. We’re here to offer ideas, inspiration, and advice so you can relax and enjoy your conference. Get in touch today. We’re always happy to help!