Sometimes you have to forget the deadlines and break out of the breakout room. Organising office events is a great way to encourage networking, build team spirit and celebrate your team’s achievements. And that sense of camaraderie feeds back into day-to-day office life. So if you want to reap the rewards of increased productivity and creativity, here’s what every team building organiser needs to know about work party planning.


Put together a great team

No one can put together a corporate event alone, especially when your business’s reputation is riding on success. So first, you need to pull together a team. One that understands and shares your vision and those of the organisation. Then start reaching out to events companies with the expertise to translate your vision to reality.


Focus on engagement

A work party is one of the most effective employee engagement strategies out there. So it’s critical to establish why an event is taking place so you can deliver on clear objectives. Whether it’s a team celebration or a Christmas party, knowing the ‘why’ can help you avoid mismanagement and chaotic outcomes.


Choose the right venue

The right venue can have a massive impact on the success of your event. So start by making a checklist of must-haves within your budget. Remember, the location needs to meet the scale of the event and your desired outcomes.

For example, your venue should be easily accessible for all guests and provide the necessary amenities. Look for adequate space for the number of attendees and parking availability. Then shortlist your favourite locations and visit in person to ensure everything will go off without a hitch.


Nail the logistics

On the day, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that everyone arrives and leaves safely at the event. But that’s the easy part. You’ll also need to ensure that the event flows without a problem and that you get every detail right for a night to remember.

If that sounds daunting, turn to the professionals. For example, experienced party planners can help you develop a seating plan that creates a comfortable and engaging ambience without leaving some guests feeling out in the cold. In addition, they’ll help you find the right balance so team members find it easy to bond with new colleagues.


Choose a standout theme

Depending on the time of year, deciding on a memorable theme can be easier or more challenging. Start by making it relevant to the event objectives while also engaging the attention and being a standout in its own right. 

A suitable theme should unify the whole event, from the decor and dress code to the music, food and drink. In addition, it also needs to be seamlessly executed to get your guests talking and generate a post-event buzz. Poor feedback generated by a poorly executed theme can negatively impact your business and damage your reputation. 


Engage with attendees

First and foremost, your attendees are looking for an opportunity to exchange new perspectives and ideas in an informal setting. So there may be presentations and speeches, but don’t rely on those alone to engage your guests.

One of the essential tasks of a team building organiser is to make the most of the time between organised events to encourage engagement. So, for example, you could organise fun and interactive events to inject excitement and promote networking — all without losing sight of the overall aims and focus of the event.

If you need help planning your next work party, What An Event is here to help. Contact the WAE team today to get your next work party started!