Virtual team building events might have been born out of necessity, but they’re here to stay. As the costs of large scale, in-person events continue to rise, and the logistics become more complex, virtual team event ideas have gained in popularity. 

So if you’re a corporate event planner looking to the future, here’s why virtual team events are still useful post-Covid.

Virtual team building — post-Covid

Every business knows the value of team building. And throughout the pandemic, virtual team building events have kept teams connected when being together face to face was impossible. 

The long term benefits of fostering a solid team dynamic and boosting morale are available to every team member. And that means remote workers or those still WFH can share in the boost to creativity and productivity, which translates into better co-working when your teans do meet face to face.

So why should your organisation keep looking at virtual team event ideas in the post-pandemic world?

New opportunities

Virtual team building events are a great way to create new opportunities for your teams to get engaged. For example, you could bring together team members whose paths would never normally cross. Do you have colleagues in different locations? Virtual events can help strengthen bonds across cities without the time and expense of planning a large scale event.

And the wide array of tools available for virtual events means you can record conversations and activities for ease of reference. 

Convenience and flexibility

Even after Covid, team members will appreciate the convenience and flexibility of being able to connect anytime, anywhere. Team members save time commuting to events, and you might find that translates into greater attendance.

Virtual team building events can have a positive impact on remote workers, minimising the frustration of being out of the loop and promote stronger working relationships. Overall, a virtual event is a quick way to bring together new team members with the minimum of fuss.

Improved mental health

The past two years have been incredibly stressful for us all, and there are plenty of team event ideas that can help to support better mental health. 

It might seem counter-intuitive to get together via video call when so many of us have been suffering from ‘Zoom fatigue’. But getting together to solve a murder or complete an around-the-world treasure hunt can really break up the monotony. 

Team members will have the chance to engage in fun activities that build trust and provide creative stimuli. This means they can get back to everyday work processes feeling mentally refreshed and ready to work smarter, not harder.

Improve communication

Communication is essential to developing your teams. But good communication is about much more than sharing information.

By putting your team in an atypical situation, virtual events make a positive of the inherent difficulties in online communication. You can shift the dynamics so some team members get more of a chance to be heard, or encourage others to listen. However you organise your event, your team members will have fun and keep talking!

Keep people connected

There’s no doubt WFH has its benefits. But it can be profoundly lonely, especially when there are none of the usual opportunities for workplace banter.

Organising a virtual team building event lets everyone step outside the everyday cycle of work, eat and sleep. It’s great for team members who live alone, and it gives everyone the chance to build some memories while learning and growing together as a team. 

Create virtual events with What An Event

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