Successful teams work harder and smarter — and they’re happier and more fun to be around too! So whether you’re looking for team event ideas to challenge, inspire or build better bonds, we’ve got you covered. As a corporate party planner, we can organise events anywhere in the UK, and the Yorkshire Dales has got to be one of the best places for your next team-building event.

Here’s our choice of the five best team event ideas in one of Britain’s most spectacular national parks.

1. Treetop adventures

What better way to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales than from way up high! Treetop adventures in Dalby Forest offer an incredible team bonding day packed with challenges and experiences designed to help your teams bond and grow in confidence.

Get your team off their laptops and into the trees for epic zip wire rides and Tarzan swings on their back to nature adventure. It’s a proven way for teams to work together to overcome their fears and enjoy a great day out in nature.

2. Team walking

Spend time walking in nature and encourage your teams to find a fresh new perspective. Excite and inspire your team with activities like orienteering and Treasure Hunt challenges that inspire them to think differently. 

Events can be specifically tailored to your team so that they can enjoy a range of different scenarios. In turn, everyone gets the opportunity to use their expertise in unusual ways whilst enjoying some of the UK’s most breathtaking views.

3. How Stean Gorge

This spectacular natural gorge is one of the biggest attractions in the stunning Yorkshire Dales. And it’s also a breathtaking setting in which to challenge your teams with a range of team building activities.

Get out of the office and inspire, motivate and reward your teams with exciting outdoor activities, including cave exploration, canoeing and rock climbing—all in the incredible setting of this 20m deep, 1-km-long limestone gorge. Trained instructors ensure that teams get the opportunity to bond and leave behind the stresses of the office while staying safe.

4. Bushcraft

From foraging foodies to wannabe Bear Grylls, a day learning survival skills in the Yorkshire Dales could be just what your team needs! 

By placing individuals in different survival scenarios, you’ll bring out their leadership and teamwork skills. And because activities can be as challenging or relaxing as you like, a day spent foraging and learning bushcraft skills is an excellent way for your teams to think about planning and prioritising tasks. Then, enjoy a campfire feast and debrief as a reward at the end of the day!

5. Murder Mystery

Harrogate is at the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. And because it has strong links to Agatha Christie, the queen of crime, there’s no better place for a murder mystery team building event!

Get costumed up, enjoy a dastardly dinner in one of the many picturesque and historic country house hotels in the region and test your teams deductive and logical skills. 

What An Event in the Yorkshire Dales

Are you running short on team event ideas? Whether you’re looking to challenge your teams and boost their confidence with a treetops adventure or bring out their competitive side with a shooting range challenge, What An Event can help. 

As a top corporate event planner, we can find the right combination of challenges for your team, no matter how big or small. So are you looking to break free of the traditional corporate event format? Perhaps you want to enjoy some quality team-building time in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Then call or message us today, and we’ll be pleased to get you organised!