If there’s one thing the pandemic has shown us, it’s that we can achieve so much more when we work as a team. But team building can be tough when your team is working remotely or concentrating on individual tasks.

Teamwork improves productivity and helps to grow your business. Up to 86% of workplace failures result from poor collaboration. So if your team isn’t collaborating you could be missing out on success.

If you want to lay the groundwork for great teamwork and productivity, here’s how to get started.

Lead from the front (but don’t micromanage)

You embody the style that you want your team to adopt. That means you need to champion team building at every level of your company.

Get involved with your teams when you can but avoid micromanaging – no one performs their best with the boss breathing down their neck. Instead foster a company culture of respect, honesty and trust that encourages effective teamwork.

Set goals and deliver rewards

You and your teams are all working towards the same objectives. So set a number of measurable and targeted goals for your teams to achieve.

Clear guidelines are an effective way to encourage teamwork towards a common goal. But you’ll build workplace camaraderie faster if you motivate your team with regular rewards.

Organise a virtual party when you hit a milestone. Or reward workers who embody the teamwork spirit.

Create effective communications

The team that gets along together works effectively together. But before you google ‘party planners near me’ and organise a get together consider that good conflict resolution can be more important in effective communication.

Honest feedback and streamlined communication reduces turnover and creates more effective teams.

Set up team building activities

We saved the best for last. After all, you can’t encourage a teamwork atmosphere if you’re not actively encouraging your team to work together.

A corporate events planner knows how to turn any activity into part of the team working culture. But don’t force it – let your team develop ideas organically that will bring them closer together.

In the pandemic, a low key virtual meetup may be a better way to encourage morale and cement a sense of team. Save the large scale events for when your team is safely back in the office and ready to let off steam.

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