The global pandemic has changed how organisations and businesses work – with remote working becoming the new norm. Normal or not, this shift has changed the worker-employer relationship, with communication becoming that bit more challenging.

Knowing how to keep remote workers engaged and motivated is, therefore, extremely important. A virtual party organised by an experienced events company in the UK could be a great team bonding exercise – and help everyone feel a little less isolated.

Whether you’re introducing new joiners, want to reward your teams, or look after your team’s mental health, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Organise a virtual event

We know how to mix business with pleasure, which means our virtual events aren’t just great team-building exercises – they’re great fun too.

Here are a few fun events your remote workers are bound to love:

  • Virtual Team Quiz. With the pubs closed, how will everyone cope without quiz night? Why not ask us to organise a virtual one instead. These fully hosted events are great for social interaction and designed to keep remote workers engaged and motivated.
  • It’s Virtually Murder. Whodunnit? Find out by asking your teams to work together as digital sleuths – unravelling a trail of clues to unmask the killer in their midst. This event is tremendous fun – and we can even customise the storyline.
  • “00″ Licence Training. Play the casinos while sipping a vodka martini and deciphering clues in this Bond-inspired virtual training event – all without leaving the house. We think that even M would approve!

If you’ve been looking for the best event company in the UK, why not contact our team now to find out how we compare or book your virtual event.

Get ready for post-lockdown

Right now, you want to know how to keep remote workers engaged and motivated. But, with the end of lockdown in sight, some (if not all) of your team members could be working in the same space again very soon. So how will you keep them interested and focussed once this happens?

Instead of Googling ‘party planners near me’ in search of event management agencies in the UK, contact What An Event Instead. We will bring your corporate event planner to life by planning parties at carefully-chosen venues – locally and abroad.

Are you also looking for conferencing organisers in the UK? From finding the right venue and guest speakers, to set design and running energiser sessions to keep people engaged, we’ve got everything covered.