During these uncertain times, technology has been something of a saviour for the commercial world – allowing businesses and organisations to carry on working and communicating. Video conferencing software like Zoom has also stopped remote workers from feeling isolated because they’ve been able to engage with co-workers. But what are the benefits of a virtual team building event?

In this guide, we’ll talk about:

  • What virtual team building means
  • The advantages of this approach
  • The different types of events
  • Reasons to use a UK events company

Virtual Team Building Explained

Before we look at the benefits, a brief explanation will be helpful. Virtual team building is about bringing the employees of an organisation or business together – so they can bond. A team leader will usually coordinate the process and ensure it runs smoothly.

Team building could take the form of a virtual party or conference and might be organised internally or using a corporate event planner.

Examples of virtual team events could include:

  • Remote lunchtimes or coffee catch-ups
  • Constructive games to aid learning
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Online training

Benefits of a Virtual Team Building Event

1. Give your employees a motivational boost

Working at home while trying to meet difficult targets and deadlines can take its toll on employees’ mental health, especially during this challenging lockdown period. Bringing team members together to discuss ideas – or just to hang out and feel less alone – can be a great destresser and confidence builder.

2. Make your workforce even more innovative

To stay one step ahead of your competitors it’s important to innovate. This is unlikely to happen if your team members are working in isolation. Bringing everyone together to share ideas will help identify what’s working and what isn’t. These new perspectives will empower you to break through with new strategies and move a step closer toward achieving your business’s long-term goals.

3. Creative a can-do & thriving work culture

Employees don’t just show up for their monthly paycheque. They want to feel recognised, valued – and, most importantly, part of something. Not just a cog in the wheel. Virtual team events will give your workers (i) better insight into what they’re doing; (ii) more accountability; (iii) a sense of inclusion – by partaking in virtual happy hours and other online celebrations.

4. Upskill your employees & make them more productive

Virtual team building events can be used to host training sessions. Upskilling staff this way will help create a more diverse workforce – and improve productivity. How so? Imagine running a workshop or conference about time management. Afterwards, your teams will be able to turn around tasks faster. Not only that, they’ll feel rewarded and this will make them happier. And happier workers are more productive!

5. Improve collaboration across your entire workforce

It’s not uncommon for different departments within an organisation or business to work independently – interacting only occasionally and superficially with others. Virtual team building events are a great way to bridge this divide, improve interdepartmental relationships, and find ways to work more effectively.

Two examples of virtual team building events

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are two virtual events that have proved a big hit with our clients:

  • “00” Licence Training. Step into the shoes of Fleming’s world-famous international spy while learning to decipher clues, speak a new language, and master the art of interrogation.
  • Around the World Treasure Hunt. Choose a theme or ask us to make one, then explore your exotic location of choice – collaborating with other team members to solve clues.

We hope these ideas help inspire you. Of course, if you’ve been looking for event management agencies in the UK, we’d love to help you. Get in touch if you’d us to work our magic and put some extra zing into your virtual sessions.