Is your WFH team finding it tough to establish a meaningful connection? It could be time for a virtual team-building event. Now more than ever, your team needs events to motivate and inspire them. A virtual party or team building event is a great way to integrate team members and recapture team dynamics.

Are you looking to inspire and engage? These are the top seven virtual team building events for virtual teams looking for fun and personal development.

What is virtual team building?

Team building ideas are constantly evolving. And with so many employees WFH, you need virtual team building that works as a face to face event. Instead of ‘Death by Zoom’, this is a chance to learn, build trust, clarify team norms and grow understanding through dynamic and fun activities.

Virtual cocktails

If your team are missing after-work drinks together, try virtual cocktails instead. Reflecting back on a working day together can really build team spirit in a fresh and fun way. And a virtual cocktail hour is perfect for integrating new team members or celebrating together at Christmas.

00 Licence Training

Celebrate Britain’s greatest superspy and brush up on your undercover skills with this great team-building idea. Go undercover to decipher clues, learn surveillance techniques and mix the perfect martini — shaken, not stirred. Progress through your training and earn your coveted 00 certificates and celebrate team success.

Treasure Hunt

With exotic locations and bespoke or ready-made themes, this is a great way to reconnect your teams, especially global ones. With the option for celebrity appearances, guest speakers and international experts, hosting this round the world treasure hunt is an engaging and competitive way to combat loneliness and encourage teamwork.

Problem Solving Event

A virtual team development event like no other, this whole team challenge demonstrates the importance of team dynamics. A problem-solving event requires both teamwork and individual initiative to ensure overall success. Teams will learn to understand the overall objective and plan their strategy using whole team, smaller team and individual dynamics.

Communication, selecting and allocating human resources, owning problems, accepting responsibility for decisions and cooperating to achieve are just some of the outcomes from this fun, challenging and thought-provoking virtual team event.

Quiz Night

Regular team catch-ups let you rebuild morale and capture the positivity of socialising. Facilitated by a professional events manager, quizzes can be tailor-made for your company. Has loneliness been an issue for your remote workforce? Then a virtual quiz is a great way to build and strengthen relationships in an informal environment.

The Theme is Murder

Can your crack team of Marples and Poirots work out whodunit? With plenty of opportunities to look, listen, analyse and deduce, this immersive event is a lot of fun with storylines to suit every occasion. Professional actors bring the scenes to life while your teams will sift the evidence for clues and catch the killer before they can create more mayhem.

Engaging, exciting and hilarious, a murder mystery is an ideal way to turn ‘Death by Zoom’ into a positive for your teams.

Virtual Social

Whether you want to inspire and motivate your staff or improve mental wellbeing across your WFH teams, there’s nothing like an after-work social. Encourage your guests to use their team software to get together to develop team dynamics. You might find it helps ease the way to accept a permanent work environment change for some team members.

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