Corporate events are not only a fun way to celebrate but also help to deepen employees’ trust and investment in a company. Whilst we navigate through unprecedented times around Covid 19, we know that business owners are still aware that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. This will be a chance to acknowledge the upheaval we have all gone through. Right now can be a productive time to start making that ultimate checklist for managing corporate events, as we look forward to new beginnings.

1.) Assign your team

Create a morale-boosting assignment and give people on your team the opportunity to kick start the event organising process. As a UK corporate event planning company, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Once those assigned to your team have a clear idea of budget, dates and goals, we can start planning an exciting and unique event for you.

2.) Work out your goals

What goals do you want to achieve? This could be anything from building brand awareness to creating a new strategy for your business or perhaps it’s motivation for 2021 or the launch of exciting new products.

3.) Choose your style

Gatherings are likely to be smaller-scale this year, and for that, What An Event has got you covered. We have myriad company team building ideas that work for 20 to 25 people. You might need to split your events into two or three micro gatherings, and we can certainly implement that. From archery to falconry and off-road buggy racing to hovercraft flying, we can get you out into the country for smaller style events that still pack a punch. Think about whether you want a team-building day, a charity fundraiser, a motivational speaking event or an incentive travel reward programme.

4.) Annual party

We are not only conference organisers but also bespoke party planners in the UK. Even if events this year will be on a smaller scale, we have access to many beautiful venues including universities, hotels and castles where we can organise a dazzling show of thanks and gratitude come the end of the year.

5.) Use an event app

Once you’ve got your event booked, use an event app to streamline planning, keep track of your guest list and market your party. Event apps are a great way to stir anticipation and increase engagement. In these trying hours, they are a wonderful platform from which to keep in touch with all your employees for that time when we meet again.