With the country adjusting to normality, future events can be planned with Covid secure practices.
Here at What an Event, we are adaptable, believe we have a responsibility to prevent the spread of the virus, and we should also still have a sense of normality in our lives. We plan for all eventualities, and are a leading event management agency in the UK, working to create the perfect event for any occasion.
So what is an event, and how can we help?

Team Events 

As an expert events company, we can bring your workplace back together after lockdown. Your team will benefit from team building events that can strengthen relationships and increase overall productivity.
What an Event can provide a range of team building services tailored to every budget, from one-off events such as archery to day-long itineraries.


Being a specialist, corporate conference organiser, we can help your company get back to business in uncertain times.
Conferences are a great way of getting like-minded people together to develop ideas and business strategy. Our What a Conference services can come up with creative ideas, guest speakers and can assist with the overall organization.
Government guidelines for gatherings may be subject to change, but our natural adaptability will ensure you can still plan for the future.

Christmas Parties 

What an Event are also great party planners, and can adapt future events to be Covid secure. We will help you make plans easy, with our range of Christmas party services.
As party planners, we can assist with helping you choose a theme, location and event management to suit all budgets. Parties can be stressful at the best of times – but we aim to take that stress away.
As creativity and adaptability are at the heart of what we do, your guests and business alike will be in safe hands with our Covid secure practices and planning for the future.